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Perfectly Martha and Martha Blah-Blah Susan Meddaugh

Perfectly Martha and Martha Blah-Blah

Review by Nathan Hawthorne

My daughter will be two years old this summer. Having a child has meant I can't be involved in efforts for social justice in the way that I used to be. It has also meant that I've started to feel even more strongly about the terrible and widespread injustices in our society: my daughter has to grow up in this world. At this point my daughter is too small to have a meaningful conversation about justice and injustice. I think often about how I will talk with her in age-appropriate ways about these matters as she grows up. We read a lot together, so I end up reading quite a…

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Eric Miles WilliamsonA Night of the Longknives

By Eric Miles Williamson

What I've been hearing from literary types is a lot of whining. Literary authors published by small presses piss and moan about being underpublished (and we know who they are), victims of some vast…

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